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Mambo weblinkleri bölümünde bir güvenlik açığı testip edildi.

Link removed - bu adrese giderek sürümünüzle ilgili yamaları alabilirsiniz. Güncellemeleri yapmanız önerilir..
Security Announcement- SQL Injection
A SQL injection vulnerability has been identified in Mambo versions <= 4.6RC1. Meaning that current production version 4.5.4 as well as recent versions 4.5.3h, 4.5.3, and are at risk...

Orjinal Not:

The quickest way to plug this hole is to open /components/com_weblinks/weblinks.php and add the following two lines at line 250.
$row->title = $database->getEscaped($row->title);

$row->catid = $database->getEscaped($row->catid);

It is recommended you patch this as soon as possible. For those not comfortable with editing the files manually, security patches are now available for download in the Mambo CMS Project..

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