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Mambo 4.6 RC2 sürümü yayınlandı.

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Mambo 4.6 RC2 Out Now

Team Mambo would like to announce the availability of the Second public Release Candidate for the new Version 4.6 of the Mambo Open Soure CMS. The Release Candidate comes after an extended RC1 period during which the Team took feedback from a large number of users and made enhancements to the system. The RC2 release includes a number of significant changes which the Team wishes to evaluate before going to a final Production Release..

You should note that while these changes includes enhancements to improve stability and solve problems reported during the RC1 period, the RC2 release also includes new features and may reveal new issues which will require additional work before the final release. Your feedback on these issues is invaluable. We have created a new tracker to allow easier reporting of issues. If you have feedback on this release, visit the Tracker at

What's Changed in RC2?

* new Language Manager functionality;
* new embedded Help Screens for context-sensitive help;
* improved MySQL5 compatibility;
* elimination of the realpath functionality included in RC1;
* improvements to MOStlyCE WYSIWYG Editor;
* fewer bugs;
* fewer DB calls;
* new default template variations;
* better security.

RC2 will remain open for an undefined period before moving to the final Production Release. If significant issues do not arise, a final Release Candidate may be released. Developers should work against this Release for third party extension compatibility and translation teams should get to work based on this Release.

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