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Mambo 4.6 sürümü yayınlandı.

Yeni sürümde;

  • Bir çok tema eklendi,
  • Yardım genişletildi,
  • Performans artışı için kod iyileştirmelerine gidildi,
  • Kullanıcı yorum sistemi eklendi,
  • Güncelleme bağlantıları kontrolleri eklendi,
  • Dil lerde .po sistemi uygulandı. Bütün dil dosyaları admin bölümü dahil languages altına eklendi,
  • Arama motoru optimizasyonları yapıldı,
  • Plugin yükleme bölümleri birleştirildi,
  • Yeni WYSIWYG editörü eklendi, diğerleri de düzenlendi,
  • Veritabanı bölümü oluşturulup, yedekleme onarma fonksiyonları olacak,
  • Yeni RSS okuyucusu eklendi,
  • Arama bölümünde düzeltmeler yapıldı,
  • Bir çok bug giderildi..
Orjinal Not:

Mambo V4.6 Out now!

Version 4.6 is being released in two configurations: “4.6 Complete” includes the core system as well as an assortment of the most popular extensions and templates. “4.6 Lite” is a minimalist distro comprised of only the core files. No longer a “one size fits all” system, Mambo now offers users unrivalled flexibility to create exactly the CMS they want, using either existing extensions, custom development, or any combination that suits their needs.

What's New in Version 4.6?

* More Templates. New variants to the default template have been added to this release. All variants are available in 800 x 600 and 1024 x 768, and are fully CSS-driven.
* More helpful help! New help screens have been added and the help system has been expanded to help decrease inaccuracies in the delivery of help content. Help files are now embedded within the distro, meaning you no longer need to be connected to the Internet to view help.
* A faster, cleaner Mambo, with more potential for future development. While all sites will see performance gains, large sites with high activity levels will notice in particular improved load handling and fewer bottlenecks.
* User comments for content items. This popular feature is now included as part of the default distro.
* Keep abreast of changes with Mambo’s Check For Updates feature. This new feature checks to see if you are running the latest version and/or patch of Mambo and will offer suggestions if not. It can also be used to display messages to Mambo admins and may come in handy as a tool to communicate issues such as security warnings. The functionality is not automatic at this time. It will not update Mambo automatically; this is still a manual process. It also does not check for updates without the user requesting it do so. (This feature requires PHP5.)
* Internationalization of interfaces is improved by institution of a single standard mechanism. The mechanism makes it easier for translators to produce local language packs.
* Better Search Engine Optimization improves avoidance of server load problems and provides much better handling of bad URLs by means of 404 errors.
* Totally new integrated installer for plugins (components, modules, etc). Users will see a single installer that is able to install any kind of plugin. 3PDs can create compound packages containing a mix of components, modules and Mambots which users will be able to install as a single .zip file. An additional plugin installer for users running PHP5 enables one click installation of core extensions directly from The Source.
* New, better WYSIWYG content editor. 4.6 includes the full featured WYSIWYG content editor, MOStlyCE. MOStlyCE is powerful, fast and includes a number of new functions; it is a major step forward in content management.
* Database Management Tools. You can now backup, view and restore your site’s database from within the Mambo admin interface.
* New RSS newsfeed reader (Magpie) that is both more efficient and more powerful.
* Improved site search. The search option will now use stop words correctly to filter the search string. This will allow users to search the site more accurately and achieve better result sets.
* Multiple bug fixes and minor enhancements. 4.6 resolves a number of open issues. For details on other additions and bug fixes not listed here, please check the changelog.php file that is included with the distribution.

Download: Link removed.

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