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Mambo takımı mambo 4.6.1 sürümünü ve ek olarak 4.5.4 sürümü için sp3 yamasını yayınlandı. İlgili sürümlere yükseltilmesi veya yamaların yapılması önerilir..

Orjinal Note:

Mambo V4.6.1 out now!

Team Mambo has released version 4.6.1 and an SP3 version of the 4.5.4 release.

The release is a patch release designed to address problems in the following areas:

* The 4.5.4 patch/build fixes SQL injection and XSS issues.
* The 4.6.1 patch/build fixes the same, plus a number of minor issues found with 4.6 since its release on Sept 18.

Note that this patch does not address all the concerns raised with SEO and the Language Manager functionality in 4.6. Those issues are being discussed and will be the subject of a 4.6.2 release in the near future.

You can download V4.6.1 on Mamboxchange now..

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